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Hubspot | 2019

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This data helps us identify what’s working, what isn’t, and where our biggest opportunities of improvement are across the company. We use it, coupled with the help of our employees and their feedback, to guide diversity programming and initiatives. These are just a few developments from 2018 we’re proud of:

● Building a More Diverse Board: Setting the tone for inclusivity often starts at the top.That’s why we’re proud to be building a board of directors who represent our customers and employees by bringing diverse ideas and backgrounds to the table. HubSpot is one of only 20% of companies to have three (amazing) women on its board in Lorrie Norrington, Julie Herendeen, and Jill Ward.

● Empowering Women in Our Community Globally: The number of women in leadership at HubSpot grew in 2018, with 47% of management identifying as female today. We’re proud of the work we do and investments we make in helping women advance in the workplace, both internally and externally.

● Opening Our Doors: We strengthened our relationships with HubSpot’s global communities this past year through events, partnerships, and knowledge sharing. Working with organizations like Hack.Diversity and Resilient Coders, we were lucky to meet candidates (and now employees) who we otherwise may not have had the opportunity to work with.

● Leading with Vulnerability: In 2018, HubSpot’s leadership team doubled down on its commitment to creating a more inclusive company in a few ways. Employee Resource Groups, including Women@HubSpot, People of Color at HubSpot, the LGBTQ+ Alliance, and ParentSpot, now have two executive sponsors each who help bring discussion, ideas, and feedback to the C-level. Instead of trying to lead the groups, they’ve intentionally focused on listening, learning, and sharing those learnings by publishing content internally and externally. Company-wide, we introduced Diversity & Inclusion committees and ‘action councils’; these groups include a cross-section of employees from individual contributors to our CEO who are responsible for driving diversity initiatives within their teams. We’re proud to say that these two groups have critically helped us be more strategic in our inclusion efforts, and we will continue to invest in them in 2019.

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